Young men awarded for hard work

The Optimist Club of Antigua awarded young ‘Distinguished Gentlemen’ for their hard work in areas such as academic excellence, fine arts, perseverance and sports.

Fifty-eight young men from secondary schools across the island were awarded by the Optimist Club of Antigua as ‘Distinguished Gentlemen’ for their contributions in various categories.

Schools nominated their top male students in the following categories: Academics, Fine Arts, Perseverance & Service, and Sports. Many of the awardees were between the ages of 15 and18 and held capacities such as head boy, house captain and pan captain.

Giving the feature presentation was guest speaker and Co-Founder of Nolan Hue Foundation, Regis Burton. During his address, he told the young men to keep focused and most importantly, create a reliable network amongst themselves for the future development of Antigua & Barbuda.

Parents, guardians and awardees were entertained with dance by Javier Spencer, a delegate in the 2016 Optimist Petit Show, Demari Samauel, 1st Runner up in the 2016 Optimist Petite Show and special presentations by Optimist President Alison Charles.

This award ceremony and cocktail was held in celebration of International Men’s Day, which was observed on Saturday under the theme ‘Stop Male Suicide’.