Worst Drought In Recent History

Climatologist Dale Destin says Antigua is witnessing the worst drought in recent history, dating back to, at least, 1928.

Writing in his blog Destin reveals that the current drought is now over 32 months in length, similar to the drought of 1964-67.

But he says, to date, the record rainfall deficit of 45 inches caused by the current drought, exceeds that of 1964-67 10 in or around 29 per cent less rain fall.

The climatologist says not only has the last year has been the driest on record, but so to have the last two years (24 months).

Further, he says the last 32 months – July 2013 to February 2016, is the driest such period on record, translating to A&B missing about a year’s worth of rainfall.

Destin is now indicating that the current drought is anticipated to become the longest on record.

Forecaster predicted the drought would ease by May but Destin says the last set of forecasts has it continuing into the second half of the year.

He says It’s believed that the drought has cost the country hundreds of millions of dollars, directly and indirectly.