Woman’s missing car found burnt

Donnet Bowman’s blue two-door Rav 4, A 25480 was found burnt Sunday morning, hours after she parked it on Old Parham Road to attend the Music is Life show at Coolidge. Photo by Martina Johnson

A young woman who went out to have fun with friends at ‘Music is Life’ love show on Valentine’s night, got a shock when she returned to the area and discovered her blue Rav 4 missing early the following morning.

Donnet Bowman, 36, said she reported the matter to police while friends and relatives got together to help with the search.

She later got the news that one of the persons participating in the search found the vehicle around noon, burnt, in the Pigotts area.

The woman, who broke down in tears when she got to the scene, told OBSERVER media, “I thought the person might have just stripped it or stolen my things from inside. I never expected this, Oh Lord, why do this to me?”

The area where the vehicle was found is bushy and isolated, down a narrow footpath behind Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium.

(More in today’s Daily Observer)