Winterman drops new tune on HITZ

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Reigning Groovy Monarch Tian Winter will release his first song for 2014 exclusively on 91.1 Hitz FM today.

The track is entitled Watch No Face and was produced in the USVI by young producer AJ Ventura.

Watch No Face was written by Tian Winter and Carlos Turner, who co-wrote Crash, and is expected to garner the same commercial success.

Winter has already recorded the bulk of this year’s groovy tracks, and hopes to have the entire album completed by the end of June, a press release noted.

“I consider Roaming one of my best albums because it was so versatile. I co-wrote quite a few songs on the track, and I hope to continue this year with an even stronger and successful effort. I aim to be better than the year before,” Winter said, referencing last year’s production.

“The 2014 album will feature fresh young producers from all over the Caribbean like Ventura and London Future, the genius behind Kerwin Dubious Too Real, which won the 2014 Trinidad Groovy Soca Monarch competition. Jemal Elizee, Tian’s iConic band member, also produced a track that they are very excited to release,” the press statement said.

He put his fans on notice for his May 10th birthday bash and celebration of his fan base, T-Party.

“Barnacle Point will come alive with guest performances from Claudette “CP” Peters, Ezzy Rattigan and more, with the best DJs from Antigua and around the Caribbean,” the press release read.
“With the combination of  new producers and continued collaborations with the likes of Kasey Phillips of Precision Productions, Dwain Antrobus of Barbados, and the writing duo 7th Wing out of the USVI, Winter continues to develop his signature sound of soca, R&B and dancehall-infused music that everyone can enjoy,” the release said.

“Today, 91.9 HITZ FM will release the new single exclusively all day on the hour, every hour, from 8 am to 8 pm, giving listeners multiple opportunities to get acquainted with the song,” it added.

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