Who’s up for Obsti’s Chinese Christmas?

king obstinate (source: itunes)

Calypso giant Paul “King Obstinate” Richards has caught the Christmas fever once again, but this edition has sent him to the unlikeliest of places to get his fix: Chinatown.

King Obstinate recently unveiled his latest Christmas track, dubbed “Chinese Christmas Party”, which has been put together with five of his previous hits — two of them being “How Will Santa Get Here” and “Police T’ief Me Hag” — for his latest Christmas mini-album.

The headlining song tells a tale of King Obsti and a buddy of his being treated to Christmas dinner by some Chinese friends.
To their surprise, the usual cornerstones of Christmas cuisine — ham and turkey — were replaced with some … well … alternative meats (I’m sure you can take a wild guess).

“I wanted to come different (this year). Christmas time, everybody likes to come one way; I wanted to put a little humour into it,” King Obstinate told OBSERVER Entertainment of the inspiration behind his Chinese remix.

It certainly was different … Obsti even sings in Chinese on the track.

Humour? Check. Political correctness? No comment … but it’s all in good fun, right? (Let’s hope the Chinese Embassy has a sense of humour).

This release — which is now on sale at Obsti’s Bus Stop at the East Bus Station and a number of other outlets – is Obsti’s first Christmas special in two years.

It also comes as a bit of a preview for what should be a significant 2016 for him.

“Next year is my 75th birthday; it’s also my 60th anniversary of (singing) calypso. So, I’ll be doing a CD for next year — greatest hits, and some new stuff,” said Obtsi.

He continued, “I said I would start from Christmas, give the people a good Christmas, and move into the new year.”

Obsti wasn’t alone in putting this new Christmas ode together. He was quick to point out the team behind him: Dalton Dyer, Singing Althea, Rupert Edwards, Samantha Browne, Kimberly King, Cleofoster Browne, Trevor King, Ronnie Diggs, and Ogliver “Destroyer” Jacobs.

Though it may not even be December yet, King Obsti certainly is in a jolly mood already.

“If it’s not too early, I would like to say Merry Christmas to the world and a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year, and ask everybody to try to stay well, and do the best they can,” Obsti charged.

Many have already joined King Obstinate at the Chinese Christmas Party … there’s still time … will you?

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