Villagers apprehend ‘infamous thief’

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – A well-known ‘thief’ – who apparently returned to one of his hideouts to get his ‘tool bag’ yesterday morning – is in police custody after Browne’s Avenue residents hunted him down and caught him in an abandoned house.

The chase started around 10 am, after a Syrian couple came face to face with the suspect as he was breaking in to their Radio Range home.

The husband gave chase but the man escaped and ran into the neighbouring village, Browne’s Avenue.

Self-proclaimed ‘minister of helps’ Eugene Humphreys, who was among those who captured the 43-year-old, told OBSERVER Media the suspect ran into an unoccupied property.

“He dropped his bag inside the house and when the police came and searched he was nowhere to be found. The police left with the Syrian man whose house had been broken into and we stayed behind and waited,” Humphreys said.

The bag reportedly contained bolt cutting equipment, change of clothing, screwdrivers, gloves and other items.

Humphreys said half a dozen residents surrounded the scene for about an hour where they waited for the man to return and when he did, they gave chase.

The suspect escaped again, but villagers never gave up.

“We chased him down and he ran across All Saints Road into a school yard and the children were frightened. We went after him and when he reached an abandoned house at a dead end, he went in there,” Humphreys reported.

Humphreys said he and about five other villagers held onto the suspect until the police arrived and took him to St John’s Police Station, where he remained without charge up to press time last night.



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