Unity key to improving service: President

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Head of the Antigua and Barbuda Private Security Association said bringing more security firms into the fold of the group would improve both service and accountability.

President of the association George Wehner said his organisation is currently on an education and recruitment drive.

“As an association we are trying to bring under the umbrella all of the security service providers so we can regulate and police ourselves in terms of the service we provide,” he said.

Wehner said the security association recently registered, and at last count, had 12 members.

“We have information at hand that there are much more service providers operating in Antigua & Barbuda,” he said.

“We are on a campaign to educate and to bring all the service providers under the umbrella so they can realise the benefits of this association.”

He said no barriers exist to joining the firm and that smaller providers could benefit from technical expertise with regards to administration, which the association provides.

Security companies have come under public scrutiny in recent times as properties their employees were guarding have been burgled and vandalised.

Last Friday, the Princess Margaret School (PMS) was shut down after an attempted arson on classrooms there. The school has been the target of burglaries several times in the past, despite 24- hour security provided by the Public Works Department.

Principal of the school Colin Greene said security firms should be held liable for losses incurred by the school when it is burgled or vandalised.

However, Wehner said that the security firm could only be held responsible if that is outlined in the contract with the client.

Speaking on OBSERVER AM, Greene said solutions to the security have been put to the Ministry of Education to boost security at schools.

He did not get into specifics of what the recommendations were, but said very little action has taken place.

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