UK visitor dies during beach outing

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The sister of 24-year-old UK resident, Darnnel Barzey, who died during an “alleged drowning incident” at Rendezvous Bay on Sunday, said her death has left family and friends in great shock and disbelief.

Angie Barzey, 23, the younger of the deceased said she and her sibling — who are originally from Montserrat — arrived in Antigua from England last Thursday to spend quality time with their father and other close family and friends.

She said their father, who resides at the Gray’s Farm home where they were spending their vacation is still trying to come to term’s with his daughter’s death.

Angie said she and Darnnel relocated to Antigua at the age of seven, before they migrated to the UK. But the happiness of their return home came to an abrupt end Sunday afternoon when Darnnel encountered difficulties during an outing at the beach.

“We were in there for a very long time talking about life, me, herself and the driver. Then suddenly she said she could not feel her feet, so we all were trying to get to land and we managed to get out but when we looked back she was nowhere to be found and a few minutes later she came afloat,” Angie recounted.

She said her friend quickly got a rope and tied it about her and went back into the water in search of the now deceased sister.

“The rope got untied, we tied it back and went back into the water, reached for her arm and my friend pulled me and her out the together unto the shore. We checked her heart beat but could not get any response,” the distraught sister said.

The Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue (ABSAR) later arrived on the scene, and made additional attempts to resuscitate the UK visitor.

She was subsequently transported to the Mount St. Johns Medical Center, where she was later pronounced dead.

The incident occurred about 4 pm on Sunday.

(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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