Tri-athletes come in for high commendation

The Antigua & Barbuda athletes who participated in the Barbados Triathlon over the weekend have been credited by team leader and Caribbean triathlon champion, Lindsay Duffy, with putting on good performances at the annual event.

Speaking with OBSERVER Sports yesterday, Duffy said that the course was a smooth one and that conditions were good on the day of the event, allowing the athletes to perform at their best.

“It was a good course and I think that the guys did well. Andre Simon had a problem with his bike where he had limited gear range so he did very well and the race started early so it was cool and by the time it finished it still wasn’t so hot,” she said.

Duffy, who also competed in the event, said she hopes that the results will encourage more people to get involved in triathlon at all levels.

“Triathlon is a sport that because it’s such a long sort of course and you are doing three disciplines its good for athletes in that they can play catch-up if they are slow out of the water or on the bike or on the run so they are able to have a good competitive edge and definitely in Antigua there are some good athletes,” said Duffy.

Rory Butler (1:15:30) and Andre Simon (1:17:00), the other two members of the national team, finished third and fourth, respectively, while Tamiko Butler who attended the event as an independent, finished in the number two spot in 1:15:15.

Martinique’s Valarien Leburn won the overall event in 1:14:42 seconds.