Tourism minister discusses issues with key stakeholders

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Minister of Tourism John Maginley continued this week to dialogue with key stakeholders within the tourism industry.

After holding discussions with the Antigua & Barbuda Tour Operators Association (ABTOA) last week Friday, Maginley on Monday met with the members of the Antigua & Barbuda Marine Association (ABMA).

According to a press release, the ABTOA sought to outline their operations going into 2011 with a view towards making their business more profitable, with increased efficiency and higher standards of quality, concepts which the Tourism Minister seeks to encourage amongst all tourism partners.

President of the association, Patrick Ryan said, “I am indeed pleased to have had the opportunity today (Monday), along with the members of this organisation, to liaise with the Honourable Minister on the way forward for the industry, particularly as it relates to our association and to make a conscious effort to strategise for the upcoming year as we are currently finalising contracts that will take us from October 2010 to September 2011.”

Meanwhile, discussions with the ABMA were centred on continued efforts being made to improve the services being offered to the yachting community which is a large contributor to the overall product offering of Antigua & Barbuda.

“I welcome the opportunity to dialogue with the groups and entities that ensure that our industry remains viable; providing avenues for growth and development. Constant consultation is the best way to keep the channels of communication clear and effective. It is my promise that such consultations will continue and become more frequent in the future,” Maginley said.

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