Tizzy regrouping team to re-enter Soca Competition

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Popular soca artiste Tanzania “Tizzy” Sebastian has signaled her intention to once again compete in the annual Party Monarch seven years after bowing out of the competition.

Sebastian last competed in the Carnival contest in 2007, when she entered with the popular tune “Expose” but was edged to the crown by Claudette “CP” Peters.

“What I originally said, I was leaving the competition for I feel we have accomplished, we have left the competition and gone out and taken soca music all over the entire world,” Sebastian said, while speaking on Observer Radio’s Snakepit programme Tuesday night with host Algernon “Serpent” Watts.

“Our voice and music has been heard in places like Belgium, France, North Carolina, Bermuda, all over the UK and Europe. We have done that, and we are going to keep doing that,” she added.

Sebastian said she was in the process of regrouping the team that supported her when she last competed and she and her band, El A Kru were “putting things together” for the return.

Band leader Rohan Hector said there is a big task ahead to recreate a successful team to support Tizzy’s bid for the soca monarch crown.

“Soca monarch at the time was a really good team that included sponsors, family, musicians, people who were responsible for different aspects… We just want to make sure if we are going to do something, it will be done properly and to put a team like that together costs a lot,” Hector said.

“We have begun the discussions of bringing the team back together and talking…Some folks are not with us anymore and some folks are overseas and of course we would have to bring back some of the economics,” he added.

The El A Kru front line singer said any return would be in tribute to her recently deceased father.

Sebastian first opened the door to a sensational return to the Party Monarch competition in an interview with Observer media last week.

But Sebastian – who exited the contest in 2008 – said last week that she would first have to be convinced the organisers are professional.

“The only hope of me returning is once things are sorted out properly. I am a professional. I do things professionally and if the surroundings or the atmosphere do not adhere for me to do like that then it will not be that way,” Sebastian said.

Sebastian had said the fact that fresh new faces are now in charge of Carnival was not enough for her to jump back in just yet.

“When I was first encouraged to go in in 2004 I was told the same thing. ‘We have young fresh new talent, young fresh new eyes on the committees,’ and I went through the same nonsense. I am not going back through that again,” Sebastian said.

“I have left the competition arena because I never really liked being part of the competition arena. Whether or not you compete, people are going to compare you with others, so why am I going to directly throw myself in a competition,” she added.

The soca artiste did, at the time however, hint that a return was possible under certain conditions.

“The competition has to be set up properly, professionally, not that some things are ok for some and not for others. I’m not in that. I left that so I can focus on my career and make sure my career and my music can take me beyond bounds and that is what I am going to continue to do,” Sebastian said.

“If something changes and I can be sure I can go into the soca monarch competition and everything will be handled professionally beyond board then no problem,” she added.

In her four years in the competition Sebastian never won but was a very popular contender and has come a close second.

The entertainer also had successful spells in the International Soca Monarch competition in Trinidad and Tobago.

Since joining El A Kru in 1999, Tizzy has also become one of the most successful and popular soca artistes in the country.

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