Time to Say Goodbye – Back to Barcelona & Home

We have spent twelve days at sea.  We have visited Barcelona, Cannes, Monaco, Cap Ferat, Monte Carlo, Livorno, Pompeii, Salerno, Pisa, Rome, Ravenna, Venice and Croatia.  We have seen marvelous things.  Experienced the work of mankind at its best. We have met new people, and made new friends.

Cruisin’, Boozin’ and Snoozin’ now comes to a close.  It is bittersweet and nostalgic to leave the boat.  I will miss the waiters are the bar, in the dining room, at the poolside and in the spa.  I will smile as I remember the flirting in the dining room and jokes with the waiter about moving to Antigua to marry one of our lovely group members – she shall remain nameless.  I will miss the motion of the boat as we rock through the waves.  I will especially miss the Latin American band and the salsa demonstrations by professional dancers.  I never knew that napkins could be manipulated to look like Christmas candles and swans.  I know that the crew will miss us, especially those who hail from the Caribbean.  They had a taste of home while we visited.  They all yearn for the ship to return to the Caribbean.   Antigua is a favourite spot among the Dominicanos, who like to visit with our Hispanic community.  Some love it at Big Banana and others ask if I have any spare bottles of Suzie’s Hot Sauce.  Another member of our group leaves some of her homemade hot sauce as well.   A chef decides to surprise our tables with Jamaican Festival Dumplings.  Some of the waiters try them as well. We take pictures and have fun with each other.

I am sad as I remember the crewmember, who has not yet been found.  And I know that they and I will always keep him in mind and in our prayers.

However it is time to go home and although it is depressing to leave my new friends, I always want to come home.  The travel is enjoyable, and being amazed by the architecture, history, art and societies and cultures that exist across the globe is good; but home and family beckon.

Coming home for me is most of the time the best part of the trip.

Ciao Serenade of the Seas.  It is time for me to plan another adventure and start gallivanting with luggage…….