Teams ready for ABFA season

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September 13, St. John’s, Antigua — The Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) 2012/13 season is expected to commence this weekend with Premier Division and a total of 44 teams are expected to take part in the three divisions.

However, although registration closes this Friday, Competition Committee Chairperson Gwen Salmon said at present, it looks likely that only one team has been subtracted from the number of teams that played in the three divisions last season.

Premier Division has 10 teams: defending champions LIME Old Road, Special Security Services All Saints United, Champion Footwear Greenbay Hoppers, Sugar Ridge Sap, Bassa, Sea View Farm, Willkies, Asot’s Arcade Parham, Rockersville Fort Road and Celtics FC.

There are 12 teams in First Division: Villa Loins, Cool & Smooth Empire, Bethesda, Bullets, Swetes, Five Islands, Ottos Rangers, Potters Tigers, Freemansville, Golden Stars of Urlings, along with newly promoted Jennings Grenades and Point West Ham.

The Second Division will consist of 22 teams: Guydadli Travelers, Lion Hill, Bendals, English Harbour, Liberta, Jennings United, Glanvilles, Police, John Hughes, Real Blizzards, Shot Guns, Young Warriors, Hatton Stars, Wadadli 5Ps, Golden Grove, Tryum, Hill Top, CPTSA Wings, Pares, Black Panthers, Garden Stars and ABAYA.

The season will open on Saturday, September 15 with a Premier Division fixture, although confirmation is expected from ABFA.

The Second Division will start on Monday with three matches – Lion Hill versus Bendals at Fort Road; English Harbour host Maginley Blue Jays, and Jennings United play at Liberta.

On Tuesday, First Division gets underway with three matches: Cool & Smooth Empire versus Jennings Grenades at King George V Grounds; Bullets versus West Ham at Pigotts, and Villa Lions host Bethesda.

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