2nd suspected robber dies after shootout with police

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Two robbery suspects are dead following two separate shootouts with the police.

Ronald Bloodman, a third man who is believed to have been part of the robbery spree, was in surgery when this story was posted.

Thirty-five year old Kendal Joseph was the first of the suspected robbers to die.

He was injured in the foot, leg and abdomen during a shootout with the Police in Bathlodge.

Joseph succumbed to his injuries on the operating table at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

Another alleged accomplice in the two robberies, Ronald Bloodman, is at this hour in surgery after being shot in the leg and shoulder.

The 28 year old Bloodman is the nephew of Chad Bloodman – the second suspect in today’s robberies to die.

Chad Bloodman was allegedly driving the get-away car and managed to elude the police during the shootout in Bathlodge around 11 o’clock but was cornered in Five Islands almost five hours later.

He was rushed to hospital in an unresponsive state and was pronounced dead at about 4.25 PM.

It’s alleged that some time after 10 am today, the men robbed the Antigua Public Utilities Authority’s Credit Union department.

It is also alleged that they then went to Tri Star Travel Service and robbed the staff there.

Lawmen responded to the report and chased the suspects who were driving a white Honda rental car.

The chase ended on a farm in Bathlodge where the first two were shot and captured.


The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) Credit Union was robbed around minutes to eleven Thursday morning.

A witness at the credit union, located at APUA’s former Cassada Garden headquarters, said an armed man wearing a motorcycle helmet committed the offence.

The source added that the man drove off in a white Honda vehicle.

Reportedly, the Credit Union could have lost the $10,000 to $15,000 it keeps on hand for worker withdrawals.

Meantime, two young men were shot in the Bathlodge area shortly before 11 am.

Hospital sources told OBSERVER, while there were no fatalities at this time; both men are in critical condition.

The circumstances around the incident remain unclear.

At the scene, on a dirt road in Bathlodge, two crashed rental vehicles were seen. Police officers and the Canine Unit were also on the scene.

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