Summer camps registering

July 24, 2012, St John’s Antigua – Fortunes seem to be turning around for youth affairs department officials who have been urging summer camp operators to register their institutions.

Since the start of summer, the department has been reporting less than enthusiastic response, but now, Senior Programme Officer Sophia Zachariah says over 20 camps are on her roll.

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Zachariah says the aim is to ensure that the providers are operating in an effective and efficient manner.

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Senior Programme Officer for the summer camp registration program Sophia Zachariah….


Meantime, more than fifty children participating in the Kings Assemblies Vacation Bible School have been exposed to consequences of bad choices related to alcohol and other stimulants.

Officers from the Substance Abuse Prevention Division in the Ministry of Social Transformation held motivational talks at Green Bay Primary School.

Organisers say the key objective of their education and motivational programmes was to create positive behavioural change in young people and to contribute to the reduction of peer pressure.

Children spanning ages 5 to 16 years viewed a 22–minute video highlighting the effects of substance abuse, involvement with drugs such as cocaine, heroin, alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine.

The video also highlighted how in developed countries drug abuse among youths is generally associated with particular youth subcultures and lifestyles.

The children were given the opportunity to say what they’ve learnt from the video.