Students submit U Can Food Drive essays

“One time, one of his sisters was eating from the garbage drum.”

Book and Ball Sports Academy, Sandals Foundation, and now Observer Media have joined forces to facilitate the fifth annual U Can Food Drive.

The mission of the U Can Food Drive is simply to offset the plight of hunger through cultivating a spirit of empathy and community activism in our youth and the wider society.

This year, the U CAN Food Drive has expanded to include students, teachers, and parents from the Zone One schools as well as the public.

Students were asked to go out into their communities and identify persons in need of assistance. They were then required to pen short essays nominating these persons to receive a food bundle explaining why. The ten most compelling essays from each participating school will be selected to receive food bundles. In so doing, the students will become familiar with their neighbours as well as gain cognizance of the difficulties people around them face on a daily basis.

The U Can Food Drive is one small step towards fighting hunger. Parents, teachers, family and friends let us come together and lead our youth by example, and support them in their drive to make a difference.

You can be a part of the effort as well. Contact (268) 726 7078, (268) 786 7078, or [email protected]

Take a look at some of the essays the students have submitted. Click the picture to advance the slide show.