United Progressive Party leader, Harold Lovell (source: youtube)

Political Leader of the Opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) Harold Lovell is going back to the Senate to “lead the charge” in the Upper House of Parliament.

The former representative St John’s City East will be sworn in on October 1 as Senate Minority Leader.

He replaces Senator Anthony Stuart who has been replaced for the second time in 10 years.

Stuart confirmed, on Wednesday, he had received a letter from Leader of the opposition Baldwin Spencer advising him of his revocation from the Senate, effective September 30 2015.

“Yes, I received the letter from the leader of the opposition but I will address the matter at a later date,” Stuart said in a brief interview.

Spencer informed this newspaper in a subsequent interview the changes were necessary in keeping with Lovell’s new status as political leader.

“Obviously, changes would have to be made at that level. We have a new political leader of the United Progressive Party, and it was felt that at this particular point in time he has to be in the Senate to lead the charge as political leader of the party from that vantage point,” Spencer said yesterday.

He noted, “this is not to suggest that there is a situation where Senate Anthony Stuart has not played a very important role and has been a very good advocate at that level. But some changes had to be made and he would have been affected by that change.”

This is the second time that the former prime minister has taken a decision to remove Senator Stuart from the Upper House.


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