St John’s Fire Leaves Four Homeless

A lovers’ squabble has been blamed for the Saturday afternoon fire that destroyed a two-storey building in St John’s, leaving four men homeless.

Two fire trucks, one from St John’s Fire Station and the other from the Coolidge unit responded to the 6:05 pm call, to put out the blaze at the concrete and wooden building located on the corner of Tanner and Cross streets.

According to initial police reports, the four men and one of their girlfriends had been occupying the building together up to Wednesday, when the man put the woman out.

The woman reportedly confronted the man who was among the other occupants on Saturday and an argument ensued.

According to the police, reports are that the woman brandished a transparent bottle containing what is believed to be accelerant and started a fire on the top floor of the building, near the kitchen area before fleeing.

The occupant of that area where the fire originated spoke with The Daily OBSERVER. The man claimed he attempted to put out the blaze with water, but to no avail. He said the fire quickly swept through the second floor, which is primarily wood. However all of the occupants escaped without injury, managing to save only a small amount of their possessions.

Police have since detained the woman who reportedly started the fire for questioning and at the time of going to press, no charges had been laid against her.

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