‘Small experiment’ with cannabis lands farmer in court

A farmer, who was found with cannabis after police responded to a report that he had beaten his former employer, received $5,000 bail in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court.

To secure bail, 41-year-old Kloyne Marrio Burton was required to pay $2,000, present two Antiguan sureties to sign on his behalf, report to All Saints Police Station every day.

Burton was detained after Devon Merchant told police that he received a beating at the hands of Burton, who had been his employee for three years.

Merchant told police that he arrived at his farm to meet a stove he kept in a building on the outside, which the defendant told him it was trash. An argument ensued and the 60-year-old employee said he felt a blow to the back of his head, only to turn around to see an enraged Burton, who proceeded to beat him in the head and body.

The businessman said he became dizzy and fell to the ground and his employee continued to beat him with a bucket. Merchant managed to escape his alleged attacker and drove to Liberta Police Station where he made a report.

Officers went in search of the defendant and found Burton on the farm where he also lives.

When asked by police if he would accompany them to the station, the defendant agreed but asked if he could change his shirt. One of the responding lawmen accompanied him into his living quarters and observed four brown plastic bags containing what appeared to be cannabis.

“It is a little experiment me ah try,” Burton told the officer.

The defendant was taken into custody and the arresting officer noticed a footpath and enquired of the 41 year old if he was cultivating cannabis to which he replied, “Yes sir, I have a small experiment in the nearby bush.”

A total of 40 plants and 76 grammes of cannabis, which carries an estimated street value of $960, was taken from the scene along with the defendant.

He was charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm on his former employer, possession of the controlled drug, and cultivation of cannabis.

He was also ordered to stay away from Merchant who is out of the jurisdiction seeking further medical attention after he allegedly sustained a fractured nose during the altercation with Burton.