Sir Chris Hoy enjoying time off in Antigua

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Two months into retirement six times Olympic gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy is taking time off to unwind with his wife Sarra, during an 8 day stay at the Galley Bay Resort & Spa in Antigua & Barbuda.

The 37 year old Scot, who also claimed 11 world titles in his track cycling career, said retirement has been busier than expected.

Hoy told Observer Media he thought exiting competition would mean he’d “be able to play a couple rounds of golf, go for a couple bike rides a week, and catch up with my friends”.

But the cyclist, who won his last two gold medals at London 2012, said “it’s been absolutely crazy”.

“So it’s been so lovely to come here and take a chance to relax and switch off,” said Hoy.

Hoy, who arrived last weekend, said he has enjoyed the feeling of being “a bit anonymous” again.

Sarra noted, “We took a few days just to realize we don’t have to get up and get on a plane or a train”.

Hoy was expected to compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow but announced his “difficult decision” to quit in April.

During his time in Antigua the accomplished cyclist said he has been coming to terms with new goals.

“It’s very strange, it’s weird, because you’ve had such a regimented lifestyle for so long,” said Hoy.

The British Olympian said the life of an elite athlete is “never ending” with only 2-3 weeks holiday a year.

“It’s just nice to be able to escape that real pressure to continually perform,” said Hoy.

For once Hoy said his mind is not focused with how he is feeling or on nailing the next training session.

“Its hard work but it is enjoyable, I loved it. I wouldn’t have done it for so many years if I hadn’t,” said Hoy. “I miss being part of the team and, the day to day fun…but I don’t miss the pain”.

The famous cyclist described winning an Olympic gold medal as “everything you’d expect and more”.

He pointed to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as a key factor that drove him onto success.

It was the first Olympics he watched on TV and Hoy said “seeing grown men on the podium in tears” made him think “it must be something pretty special”.

“You always dream of becoming an Olympic champion but you don’t necessarily believe it will ever happen,” said Hoy.

The first Olympic gold came in Athens 2004 and Hoy revealed it “the most special feeling in his career”.

“To step on a podium and hear your name announced with Olympic champion after that you know…you could never race again in your life but it doesn’t matter because you’re an Olympic champion,” he added.

This weekend Hoy’s stay with his wife in Antigua & Barbuda comes to an end but the trip has made an impression on the couple and they hope to make a quick return.

“We’ve never seen seas like it, we’ve not long come back from Australia where we did the Great Barrier Reef and even then we were saying we don’t think we’ve seen anything like this water,” said Sarra.

Hoy added, “We’ve just used this as a chance to relax and switch off but we would love to come back and have a proper look”.






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