Seven homeless after Easter Monday fire

A family of seven was left in search of a bed to sleep in last night after their Potters home burnt to the ground in the midday sun of Easter Monday.

Gregory Williams, the oldest member of the household, lived in the three-bedroom wooden home with his brothers, sisters, children, girlfriend and occasionally his nephew.

When The Daily OBSERVER spoke to Williams he seemed numb and said his main concern at the time was to find out the cause of the blaze.

Williams explained that it was uncommon for the house to be empty and there was usually at least one person at home. He said, however, that everyone was out yesterday; that his sisters had gone to work, his brothers had gone out and being a holiday, he and the others had decided to go to the beach.

The Fire Department was also called onto the scene, sometime between midday and 2 pm, but was unable to save the structure of the house as neighbours reported that flames quickly engulfed the family home.

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