Set up rehab centre not build new prison

ST JOHN’S, Antigua- An opposition MP is advising the authorities to consider setting up a rehabilitation centre instead of building a new prison.

Eustace “Teco” Lake acknowledged that the country’s lone jail is overcrowded…

But he stressed that the focus should be on reforming repeat offenders and curbing criminal behaviour.


Lake is also the chairman of the Caribbean Commonwealth Parliamentary human rights group.

He said government should look outside the country for assistance.


In recent months Cabinet invited local contractors to submit proposals for constructing a new prison.

The intention is to build a facility that can house 500 to 600 prisoners.

The current prison was built to accommodate 150 inmates but has almost 360.

The jail is also short of the requisite number of prison officers.

Lately, tension among inmates has been high and there were four stabbings over the past three weeks.