Senator Dr Edmond Mansoor criticises UPP

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – A fired-up Senator Dr Edmond Mansoor came out swinging in Parliament on Monday, criticising his own government for its management style and spending practices.

The minister with responsibility for Telecommunications, Science and Technology made it clear that he is prepared to accept any fallout from being blunt.

“If democracy is going to work, you have to be able to talk. And if it is that … if you talk and it’s off you go, Edmond Michael Mansoor doesn’t have no problem with that.”

Dr Mansoor stopped short of calling the United Progressive Party (UPP) administration hypocritical in its hiring practices.

“I am simply saying, on the one hand we can not say that we want to cut back on waste and you are hiring somebody, paying them how much of thousands of dollars, and you don’t want nobody saying nothing,” he declared.

Mansoor charged the government with being “a little bit shy” about rewarding performance while paying top dollar to undeserving individuals.

“Where people have worked reward them,” he said. “So you have on the one hand government hiring people with Bachelor’s degrees and paying them ‘cool’ money, paying them $16,000, $17,000 to come to work three hours a week.”

The senator, however, did not identify which government worker or workers to which he was referring.

In his New Year’s Cabinet reshuffle Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer relieved Dr Mansoor of his Information and Broadcasting portfolios and place them under the mandate of Harold Lovell, minister of finance.

Dr Mansoor later told OBSERVER Media he would have been able to accomplish more in his Information and Broadcasting capacity had he the financial support of government.

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