Search for men lost at sea continues

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The search is back on for four Urlings men missing at sea since Wednesday night.

The acting head of the Coast Guard, Lieutenant Commander Elroy Skerrit said the Regional Security Systems aircraft would have continued the search Sunday afternoon in hopes the men would be found.

“We are basically projecting where the vessel or debris could have drifted given the present weather conditions. We are searching in the direction of drift coming towards the area where the vessel was reported to have developed that problem,” he explained.

Based on a report made about 8pm Wednesday, the boat was reportedly taking on water and projected to sink due to the leak.

The men have not been heard from nor has there been any disable debris on the seas.

Lieutenant Skeritt said the Coast Guard was receiving assistance from three other local vessels since the night of the disappearance.

The search was suspended on Saturday so those involved could reassess the situation in order to establish new plans on the search and rescue operation.

The Coast Guard official said the “the weather conditions have been very infavourable” with swells as high as 12 feet and the winds are up to 30 knots.

“Nevertheless the Coast guard is doing its best to search for this missing vessel,” he added.

Skeritt did not give an indication of how long the search would continue.

He’s also encouraging seafarers to ensure their vessels have proper communications equipment.

“We need to speak about EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon). If you are going in excess of 10 miles beyond the coast, those vessels will be equipped with EPIRBS so that if the vessel develops trouble out at sea and they are out of VHS communications, then an EPIRB can be emitted and that signal will be picked up by a maritime rescue coordinating centre”.

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