Sacked Senator Still Hopes To Run In Next General Election

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Dismissed United Progressive Party (UPP) senator Colin Derrick still hopes for an opportunity to run in the next general election despite Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer removing him from the Senate.

“The people always decide that … (But) I am always interested in politics. Why would I not be interested in politics now?” Derrick asked.

“Under the constitution of the UPP, it’s the constituency branches that make the decision as to whom they wish to nominate, so that’s an issue for the constituency of St John’s City West,” he added.

Derrick was one of at least two senators dismissed for helping to defeat the controversial Citizenship by Investment (CIP) Bill in the Senate.

The move angered PM Spencer, who asked the Governor General to revoke Derrick’s appointment. However, Derrick said it should not change his standing with the party.

The dismissed senator also added that his opposition to the Bill was no secret.

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