Residents urge police to address ‘rampant’ crime

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Residents on the south-eastern side of the island – plagued by rampant home invasions and broad daylight armed robberies – are demanding a meeting with police to discuss their concerns and explore how to counter criminal activities.

“I’ve had seven break-ins at my villas in English Harbour in two years. And every time they come in, is only when I have guests there, so we know the criminals are watching. There will always be break-ins but now they are forcing themselves in, even when people are inside,” one resident said.

The residents have already shared some of their concerns with police, who are said to be busy planning a townhall meeting after last week’s meeting was called off due to extremely poor turnout.

“Not many people turned up because of a breakdown in communication where the notices didn’t go out there early enough. But we are rescheduling and will meet with the residents soon,” Sergeant Timoty Drew said, on site at Cobbs Cross Primary Thursday night.

Residents from Falmouth, Picadilly, English Harbour and Cobbs Cross were invited to that meeting. Apart from police and constituency representative for the area MP Eleston “Namba” Adams, about a dozen people showed up.

The residents said thieves have become more brazen and are even attacking during the day rather than at night, as they did up to two years ago.

“I’ve had masked men come into my home, tie me up, rob my house and take my vehicle when my husband went away and I could never get that incident out of my head. They (thieves) came again after that,” a second villager complained.

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