Regulations coming for St John’s taxi drivers – SJDC

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Taxi Drivers in St John’s will soon have to adhere to strict regulations or face the consequences.

That’s the warning coming from Chairman of the St John’s Development Corporation (SJDC) Sylvester Browne.

The mandate, which follows a meeting with the Transport Board and Traffic Department, targets unauthorised taxi drivers who continue to ply their trade within Heritage Quay and its surrounding environs.

The meeting also addressed the issue of parking for the taxi men sanctioned to operate in the Quay.

The chairman said a number of critical decisions were made at the meeting to determine the best way forward.

One of those is that all entities would work together to enforce the Heritage Quay Regulation, which gives the St John’s Taxi Association the right to operate within the area.

“Those regulations will be enforced so that the St John’s Taxi Association members are protected,” he said.

“The Traffic Department and the Transport Board will organise a situation to ticket persons who operate illegally within the designated areas.”

The SJDC boss said the problem of illegal operation has gone on for far too long.

He said in some cases, members of the St John’s association are unable to find adequate parking space in the city, because these spaces are being utilised by other drivers.

He noted that a clear message would be sent so that everyone understands.

“That situation cannot be allowed to continue. It is a risky operation which causes chaos on the Quay and because of that the St John’s members have to come on the Quay to see about their own interests, and that really is not necessary,” Browne added.

Meanwhile, President of the St John’s Taxi Association Evanson Ellis said the group welcomes the move by the SJDC – a plan he said would help the members overcome the challenge of parking.

The president told OBSERVER Media parking problems have hindered the members from effectively plying their trade.

“We will be really happy if that is enforced because automatically, we will have a better service in Heritage Quay. When someone gets a job, they will be able to go and come back knowing they have somewhere to park,” Ellis explained.



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