Rattigan the ‘golden’ boy

Ezzy Rattigan. (Photo by Thaddeus Price)

If there’s something familiar about soca artiste Ezzy Rattigan, it’s because he’s an Edwards … as in the Edwards brothers of Burning Flames and Red Hott.

The Golden Cup singer, whose real name is Esron, has been entering the soca competition since 2009, performing at the soca tents. Recording is not new to him, as he’s released a few up-tempo and groovy tunes in the past, the groovy Just a Little Sweetness of 2010 and the jumpy Real Beef, recorded the following year.

When asked how he became interested in soca, he said, “Over the years, I’ve seen my family doing it and I don’t see anybody to carry on (the art) … I like the feeling, the ambience of the people around me.”

The painter by day added, “That’s how I decided to put out songs every year, even if it’s one track.”

However, 2013 seems to be the year that people are noticing the artiste.

He’s indeed attracted a lot of attention with his up-tempo release for this year – Golden Cup — the controversial tune at the root of debate as to its suitability for airplay. Nonetheless, he’s got the soca judges wanting to hear more, having secured a spot in the finals that will see him battling father – David “Krokuss” Edwards.

Of this year’s jumpy tune, he told OBSERVER Entertainment the reception has been mixed.

“I had a lot of fights over this song. At first, no radio station wanted to play it because they said it sounds like I’m singing a bad word,” the 24 year old noted.

“But I burned copies of my song and circulated it in the streets. I gave it to everybody and after a while, the DJs had no choice but to play it because everybody kept asking for it.”

The chorus of the song, in keeping with the “Golden Cup” theme, is: Everybody jam for cup. Everybody push for cup. Everybody wave for cup. This year, we waving for that golden cup…

Since it hit the airwaves, Rattigan said people have warmed to it considerably. Feedback, he said, has been “awesome” and “fabulous … 99 per cent positive. One or two might have something negative to say but whatever they say, I just take the positive out of their negative,” the artiste said.

There’s also an edited version played on music stations in which the controversial lyrics are distorted. But Rattigan feels an edited version of his song is not necessary, as it has no indecent language.

“Certain overseas artistes can come and bring their music to Antigua and their songs are the same thing like mine,” he said, no doubt referring to songs like soca star Machel Montano’s Fog.

Rattigan, who pens all of his pieces, said his 2013 hit came about after he realised his “nice songs” were getting him nowhere.

“I’ve been singing soca for five years now – nice songs, but that’s not working,” he said.

“So I decided to go off route this year and that’s how I came up with Golden Cup. It was produced by Shatta Don of Don Productions.

The artiste, who hails from the DeSouza Road area, said these days, he has no spare time.  He works from 7 to 4 and then its preparation for the big soca stage.

Fans can look for Ezzy Rattigan at tonight’s Power Rumble at Police Recreation Grounds and tomorrow’s Red Eye fete at Antigua Recreation Grounds.

Revellers with Royal Ramplers will also be able to jam with the Golden Cup singer come J’Ouvert morning.