Rape accused opts to remain silent as prosecution rests

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua- The man on trial for rape opted to remain silent and not to call witnesses in his defence after the prosecution closed its case yesterday.

He had been given three options: remaining silent, giving testimony swearing on the Bible, and making a statement without taking an oath.

But the man announced his decision to the court by stating, “I have nothing to say. I am innocent. I did not rape anybody.”

The accused, whose name cannot be published unless he is convicted, is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman three years ago in the Perry Bay area.

The defendant is accused of kidnapping the virtual complainant and pulling her into the bushes before committing the rape at gunpoint.

At the time of the alleged offence, the victim was attending a dance at Blue Lightning Nightclub.

Before the Crown closed its case yesterday, the lead investigator was called to give evidence pertaining to investigations into the June 21, 2010 offence.

Corporal Louisa Benjamin Quashi recounted the victim being very emotional while giving her statement days after the alleged rape.

The police officer said the complainant “was crying and shaking” and had to be given time to regain her composure.

Corporal Quashi told the jury that as she continued investigations, she also interviewed the accused.

She said his demeanour during the interrogation was relaxed and arrogant, and he became upset on at least two occasions.

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