Principal: Shot students do not know their attackers

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The principal of St Joseph’s Academy said that the victims of Thursday night’s shooting, who attend the school do not believe they were the intended targets which have left both brothers nursing bullet wounds in the hospital.

Principal Rudolph Davis spoke to the 16 and 17-year old brothers as they recovered from their injuries at Mount St John’s Medical Centre.

“I asked them if they knew these people and they said “no.” They said it was a drive-by shooting and I left it at that.

“I asked them if they were in problems with any of the people in that area and they said ‘no they don’t know the people’ and did not know who it is,” recounted the educator.

A police report issued subsequent to the shooting stated that the two perpetrators of the crime “appeared from an alley dressed in dark clothing, and began firing shots.”

However, Davis account of the teenagers’ recollection points to a drive-by shooting.

Davis said the boys, whom he described as “bright kids”, were anxious and were both anticipating taking their CXC exams.

One of the brothers has been treated and released and will return to school tomorrow to take his exams, while arrangements have been made for the other remaining in the hospital to take the exams in hospital some time after his impending surgery early this week.

The police reported that the two were shot at 9:20 pm on lower St John’s Street as they walked home from basketball practice.

The younger brother sustained two gun-shot wounds to his calf and ankle, while the older brother was shot in the buttocks.  The wounds are not life-threatening.

Attempts to reach pertinent police representatives for an update on the investigation were unsuccessful.