Price: Welfare dep’t is aware of family’s eviction

The family’s possessions out on the street (File photo)
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Chief Welfare Officer Cindy Price has confirmed that her department has received a report about the plight of three children and their mother who were evicted from a rental house on DeSouza Road by the court on April 1.

“We are working on the matter, but cannot comment any further on it,” Price said, but declined to respond to residents’ criticism that the Citizens Welfare Department is not doing anything to address the situation.

Residents said the department was aware of the extent of the problem, as it had had to intervene more than once even before the woman was evicted, and they had removed her two older daughters from her care.

“They know she has problems, they know she was going off before she had the baby and now they leave her with the young child who could be in danger. We have to speak up because when anything happens they like to say nobody told them, but they know everything,” one resident complained.

The welfare official, however, assured OBSERVER media that the department will address the case and it is doing all it could at this time.


Read more in today’s Daily Observer.

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