Possible Second Named Storm

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The Atlantic could see the second named storm of the year before the hurricane season even officially begins in six days on June 1st.

Hurricane Alex though only lasting for a day formed over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on January 13, becoming the first January hurricane to occur in the Atlantic since 1955.

Now the US National Hurricane Center says a low pressure area centered between Bermuda and the Bahamas is gradually becoming better defined while shower activity is increasing.

The center gives the system a medium formation chance through 48 hours of 50 percent and a high formation chance through 5 days of 70 percent

Should the area of disturbed weather develop into a tropical system, it would be named Bonnie.

Forecasters are predicting an active 2016 storm season in the Atlantic region, with as many as eight hurricanes forming, of which three are projected to be major storms.

Experts suggest that this year’s season – which starts officially on June 1 – will be above average, with the most active forecast since the 2012 storm season.

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