Police unaware of any attempt by ‘Dudus’ to enter Antigua

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jacques Ouellette yesterday said local police have not been alerted to the possibility that gun and drug accused Christopher “Dudus” Coke may try to seek refuge in Antigua & Barbuda.

Ouellette said should Jamaica notify Antigua, whether directly or via the International Police (INTERPOL), the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda would work with the media to ensure that the public is properly informed.

“If the information is coming that it is believed that this person is coming to Antigua, then normally that information would give us a hint as to who his contact person might be here,” the assistant commissioner said. “If that is the case then … we will put our intelligence unit on alert and we will have them do some background into the individual and hopefully that’s who he is going to contact.”

Ouellette said should Jamaica feel that Coke has fled the island, then a detailed description accompanied by a photograph would be sent to INTERPOL.

The Criminal Investigations Department boss acknowledged that it’s possible for someone like Coke to enter Antigua & Barbuda illegally.

He said that’s why residents must remain alert and report anything suspicious to police.

“We have to remain vigilant; should someone come in by boat overnight and be on the island, we don’t know, so that’s why it’s important that we get back to the general public and ask them if they see anything suspicious, they should advise the police and we will investigate,” he noted.

Meanwhile, police in Jamaica have confirmed that 31 civilians have been killed and 25 more injured in Tivoli Gardens, West Kingston, where security forces are trying to bring violence sparked by Coke’s pending extradition under control.

The bodies were recovered from areas close to barricades, building entrances and gullies running through the community.

In addition to the injuries and fatalities, at the time of going to press, 211 people including six women, had been detained.

One member of the security forces was also killed and seven injured.

It’s the first time since the incursion into Tivoli Gardens began Monday that police are releasing official figures on civilian causalities.

The security forces are also reporting seizure of firearms, ammunition, binoculars, army fatigues and ballistic vests.

The operations, which include building searches, are continuing.