Police probe hit and run

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St. John’s Antigua- Police are investigating a hit-and-run incident involving a 16-year-old secondary school student Tuesday night.

The girl, Tanasha Mack of Clare Hall, is nursing a swollen knee and other bruises.

The girl’s mother, Natasha Phillip, said her daughter was returning home after going to a nearby shop.

She was hit in front of the family’s residence near to the Clare Hall Secondary School.

The woman said she heard a loud cry and after investigating, saw her injured child in some bushes.

“I sent her to the shop last night (Tuesday) just about minutes to seven and on her way coming back from the shop, she told me that a white car was following her when she crossed the road,” she recounted. “The car sped up when she almost reached in front of the door. It hit her just in front of the front door.

“I was inside of the kitchen cooking and I heard a loud cry out and when I went outside, she was in the bushes lying down… The ambulance came and they took her to the hospital. They did the ex-ray, they said everything is okay, but her knee is swollen,” the mother of the Ottos Comprehensive School student said.

Another relative of the teenager, Roger Joseph, said the perpetrator drove from the scene after they attempted to question him.

“The car, I think, which knocked her was a white Sentra, and then after the car hit her, now the person went back round the bend and went down Clare Hall School road.

“…I looked down to see if anybody came out, to see if he hit the person… When we went to him at the corner when the car was standing up and we said, ‘you just knocked down a little girl a while ago,’ he was like, ‘I did not hit down anybody.’ So he drove off,” Joseph said.



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