PM Browne calls for better transportation between Cuba and Caricom countries

Gaston Browne (source: file photo)
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Antigua & Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne wants a better transportation system between Caribbean islands and Cuba to be developed.

He was speaking at the opening of the fifth Caricom-Cuba summit in Havana today.

Browne said trade with the Spanish-speaking country has been relatively small over the years, but the establishment of an efficient transportation mechanism could improve that.

“I call on this Summit meeting to place high priority on creating mechanisms to move goods, services and passengers throughout our countries,” Browne said.

“I am convinced that if Cuba and CARICOM countries can jointly build a transportation network, all our economies will benefit.”

Prime Minister Browne said the nations of Caricom and Cuba comprise a market of over 25 million people and should trade goods and services internally.

He said a strong transportation link would also benefit tourism in the region.

“One doorway to this, is tourism into the Caribbean,” the Antigua & Barbuda prime minister said.

“If Cuba and CARICOM countries can establish the air transportation links and a network of collaboration between our hotels, multi-destination tourism – that offers the distinctiveness of our culturally-rich countries – could be a winner for all of us.”

Browne, who is chairing the summit, notes that all 14 independent CARICOM countries have diplomatic relations with Cuba.

The same can only be said of Washington and the UN.

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