Pageant director supports replacing Queen of Carnival show

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – A suggestion to scrap the Queen of Carnival in favour of a Miss Antigua & Barbuda show held ahead of carnival has gained favour with National Director for Miss Universe and Miss World Calvin Southwell.

Carnival Development Committee (CDC) Chairman Kayode O’Marde first made the proposal last week on OBSERVER Radio’s Voice of the People, suggesting the show could be held three weeks ahead of the annual festival.

“Carnival Queen here you win and that’s it. You get a car or some prizes and then they never hear about you again. I think personally there should be a girl known as the Miss Antigua & Barbuda,” Southwell said.

The former queen show director said a Miss Antigua & Barbuda show would allow the country to be better represented at international pageants.

Because the criteria that is set for the carnival queen definitely does not lead up to a girl going off to an international pageant overseas,” Southwell explained.

“Carnival Queen is basically geared towards the festival of carnival just like the Independence Queen Show is geared towards a girl promoting the Independence celebrations. If we want an official girl to go off and represent us at international pageants then we need to set different criteria,” he added.

Southwell, who is a former director of several queen shows and pageants in the country, including the Independence Queen Show, said a new title could take the place of the Carnival Queen.

“What we can do is take out the carnival queen show from the carnival and have a queen of the band like they used to have promoting the large costumes and stuff like that,” Southwell noted.

(More in today’s Daily OBSERVER)


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