On realizing the true universality of the Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty has had a universal appeal to the world, but very few people have realised that it is uni-directional. The statue faces Europe and declares : “ Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ….!”

Say what you may, the ideas embodied in the message of the statue served to encourage and embolden the masses of Europe to seek a better life in the United States of America. In contrast, there was and has never been a statue facing the inhabitants of Mexico from which the United States “ acquired” vast chunks of its territory.

There has never been any thought of the Latinos being ‘tired or poor or yearning to be free‘. They were there to be conquered and their lands taken. The philosophy was to “ Remember the Alamo,” where the remnants of the “ tired, poor, and freedom yearning” European made a desperate last stand as the culture and folklore emphasised the exploits of folk heroes like Davey Crockett, the king of the wild frontier.

The language of the borders of the vast Rio Grande River that separated Mexico from Texas, was that of the “greasers(the Mexicans), versus the “gringos ” (the White man). The policy was one of exclusion. “ Keep the Greasers out, they may subtly want to take back Texas etc. But the philosophy in which the White man dominated never reckoned for the concepts of democracy that would have neutralised the practice of exclusion.

The Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall (between England and Scotland) are epic historical examples that demonstrate that restive peoples cannot be kept out of prosperous centres that are flaunting the celebration of the good life and of prosperity.

All walls have failed. Even today the use of the Rio Grande as a wall of separation between the United States and Mexico has failed. The erection of electronic fences to keep out the Latinos from seeking the good life across the border has failed. Getting into America is the Golden Fleece that the tired, poor Latinos seek, to compensate for a hard life on this earth. The ingenious methods employed have taught the United States Army Corps of Engineers a lesson or two. Tunnels have been found that have been equipped with electric lights and where small vehicles drive as if they were on highways. The object is to deliver people and drugs into the United States. Both are money-spinners and the drive to re-colonise the Latino territories taken in pseudo-wars has been relentless. The pressure from restless border-peoples has been ongoing. Millions of Latinos have been involved in the re-colonisation process and the process called democracy has legitimised millions of them.

The days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S Truman and Wendell Wilkie, where White men determined the fate of the United States are over. The days of the domination of the White European male, who answered the call, “ Go west young-man,” are also over. A new reality has set in.

The concept of democracy has changed the demography of the United States and a new era has begun, for in the process of taking back their land, the Latinos have begun to stamp the imprest of their presence on the American electoral system. The African-American who worked so hard to build the American South has acquired middle-class values that have developed a mind-set that calls for a small nuclear family. The days of families of ten and twelve have, in the name of progress been consigned to history. The African-American’s population growth is therefore slow while the Latinos have the whole of South and Central America on which to draw. And, given the latent urgency to topple Fidel Castro, Cubans have a direct access to the United States via Florida, with no questions asked. The conclusion to be drawn is that the Latino, population will eventually have to be taken into account as a major factor in the population of the United States, when the Presidential elections take place. Would that the Republicans knew this.

The sin of the Republican Party is that it has ignored the growth and the potential future growth of this rapidly developing sector of the American population.

I am convinced that the Statue of Liberty has been designed to cater to the poor of Europe, but the restlessness of the peoples of Latin America has been of a sufficient nature to replace any categorical imperative as that which has been promulgated by any statue and any commandment to act and to move north to greener pastures.

It is ironical that having tried to eradicate the cocaine trade of Colombia , the drug lords have moved to territory with fertile volcanic soil that is contiguous to the United States. The Latinos do not need any Statue of Liberty, for they know of the benefits of self-smuggling across the border. the Latinos do not need and cannot understand the concept of self-deportation. Whether the Statue of Liberty has sent out a clarion for the tired, the poor or not, the way of the future lies in the United States and serves as a powerful magnet to draw them into the surrounding territories and to cause them to self-distribute in search of work.

The writing is on the wall. No future president can win without the Latino vote. As far as they are concerned, they are the tired, the poor and the seekers of freedom who have heard the clarion call and are flowing and will continue to gravitate towards the land of milk and honey, in spite of the walls electronic fences and other minor obstacles to obtain the Golden Fleece of this physical life. Food and liberty and a better life, plus the capacity to vote and turn things positively, in `their direction.`