Official: VC Bird International jet bridge for small craft too

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Small aircraft operators have been told that they won’t be left out of the jet bridge experience at the new VC Bird International Airport.

Airport IT consultant Nelson Simon said that many LIAT passengers are concerned that the regional airline won’t be able to access passenger chutes that allow people to walk onto and off tall aircraft.

Simon said the facility is in place to allow service to small aircraft as well as the giant jets.

“A LIAT can actually park next to a jet bridge, so you can walk down the jet bridge, only that you won’t go into the articulating part. You’ll just come down the steps.

“So for those who are wondering if LIAT will never park in front of the terminal, the answer is yes, LIAT will park in front of the terminal,” Simon said.

Officials facilitated a media tour of the airport this morning but have not yet given a date for the official opening.

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