Nursing School head denies the institution is closed

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The head of the School of Nursing has objected to claims that the institution has been shut down.

Principal Margaret Smith told OBSERVER media the school is not now nor was it was ever closed.

She has, instead, assured the public that while classes are not being held at the institution’s venue at the Barrymore Hotel on Fort Road, most of the school’s students are still receiving academic instruction.

While both the media and government officials to include government’s Chief of Staff Lionel “Max” Hurst” and Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph have referred to the disruption at the school as a closure for the past week, Smith said she was moved to clarify the misconception after Sunday’s edition of the Big Issues.

Smith explained that the administration decided to temporarily suspend classroom instructions for first and second year students last week Monday owing to a persistent stench coming from a washroom located near the first and second year classrooms.

The remaining students, two groups in the third year, and a group of student midwives, have been assigned to clinics around the island to complete their clinical rotations. These, she said, are a necessary part of their curriculum requirements.

The second year students are also scheduled to begin clinical rotations today (March 3) while the administration is continuing in its efforts to find an alternate venue to resume theoretical instructions for first year students.

Administration officials at the School of Nursing have also collaborated with government to find alternate housing for the school.

On Friday, Health Minister Joseph said his ministry had made the matter a priority and hoped to have it rectified by the end of this week.

While he added that he would have preferred a speedier conclusion to the disruption, he wanted to ensure that both parties could decide on a suitable venue, citing that it was “in everybody’s best interests to have a solution that will meet the requirements of the school.”

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