Official says country’s disaster aid management is responsible

NODS Director Philmore Mullin
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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – International donors are said to be concerned that funding for disasters is not being spent by Antigua & Barbuda and other beneficiaries.

The country’s disaster preparedness coordinator Philmore Mullin says in most cases these states lack the human capacity to fully implement progammes and make best use of funding.

He says that hindrances affect disaster preparedness and response.


In one case, Mullin says Antigua & Barbuda could be gaining an additional US $75,000 in funding.

He says if officials are able to obtain all the funding available internationally for disasters, it would significantly enhance response.


Philmore Mullin.

The disaster preparedness expert recently attended a meeting of the Comprehensive Disaster Management Co-ordination and Harmonisation Council.

Mullins says in Antigua and Barbuda donor funds are well accounted for.


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