National sprinter to study, train in USA

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One of Antigua & Barbuda’s young track & field athletes is scheduled to leave the country on Saturday for Brooklyn, USA, where he will attend and train at the Advanced Software Analysis (ASA) College for two years.

Kasheem Colbourne, who specialises in the 200 and 400 metre races, will pursue an Associate Degree in Information Technology at ASA while training alongside Olympic medalist, Lalonde Gordon, of Trinidad & Tobago.

Director of Sports, Heather Samuel who is also the athlete’s coach, expressed a sense of accomplishment in having him go off to the USA.

“Having coached him since he started track & field from six or seven years ago at the Princess Margaret Secondary, I’ve seen him grow from barely running 24 seconds to running 20.8, and barely could have broken 60 seconds to now running 42 and capable of running faster. So, I am extremely proud of him, proud of his dedication that he stuck with it despite the fact he was getting so much beat in the early, and I am very proud that we have come this far and now seeing him go off to college,” Samuel said.

Samuel, who also studied in the USA, believes that once he remains focused, Colbourne has the potential of a being a world – beater.

“He demonstrated that potential several years ago, and I am just so happy this opportunity is before him now. Of course, he has some work to do bearing in mind this is his first time away from home, so he would have to go and settle down and make sure he understands the process of the new system he will be in and the new style of coaching and just make the best of the opportunity before him,” the director said.

The 21-year-old Colbourne represented Antigua & Barbuda at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.





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