Murder accused testifies he was home during fatal shooting

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ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Murder accused Jevorny “Bundy” Richards of Bendals initially denied any involvement in the shooting death of Guyanese butcher Rondel George.

George was allegedly shot and killed while on his way to buy cattle in Bendals on August 21, 2010.

Richards, Lasana Anthony “Tony” Riley of Hatton and Chester Joseph of Bendals are jointly charged with George’s murder, and are on trial for the offence.

He died as a result of gunshot injuries “through and through” the heart and lungs.

Kelvin Galloway, who was with him, was also injured during the incident.

Galloway was shot in the hip and robbed of his cell phone and money.

Police interviewed Richards the day after the shooting death. He told police he heard neighbours “gossiping” about the fatal incident.

“I can’t pinpoint who exactly say someone was murdered. The only thing I know is what I already told you. I heard that the lady say, ‘… somebody dead and the body still on the ground.’ I was at home on the day of the shooting.

“The neighbour just say that they (the person) got shot. I did not hear no gunshot that Saturday. Oh, when I was on the phone with Devon after 6 pm, I heard a ‘Pow’ like a gunshot, and he (Devon) was also telling me about the incident that somebody died,” Richards told police on August 22.

The Bendals man said he only left his house for about 20 minutes that day (shortly before 8 am) to go to the supermarket.

Richards denied knowing Galloway or George. He also told police he does not have access to a gun or know anyone with a firearm.

The painter, who told officers he had no information to assist them in solving the case, said he never discharged a gun.

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