Mixed CSEC results for A&B in key subjects compared to region

Antigua & Barbuda’s overall pass rate for this year’s Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) stands at 74.2 per cent while the pass rate for the entire region is 66 per cent.

However, regarding  the much-discussed key subjects, Mathematics and English A, there were mixed fortunes for Antigua & Barbuda compared to the regional results.

Antigua & Barbuda’s pass rate in Mathematics this year is 42 per cent, while the region stands at a slightly higher rate of 44 per cent.

But similar to the island’s 13 per cent decline in Mathematics, when compared to its 2015 rate, there was also a 13 per cent drop in the same subject when examining the results for the region.

In 2015, Antigua & Barbuda’s Mathematics results stood at 55 per cent while the region was 57 per cent.

For Additional Mathematics this year, Antigua & Barbuda’s pass rate was a disappointing 33 per cent while the region’s was 67 per cent.

Meanwhile, the pass rate in English A for Antigua & Barbuda was a commendable 77.5 per cent compared to 67 per cent for the region.

English B for both Antigua & Barbuda and the region stood at 62 per cent.

Looking at some of the science subjects to include Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Science and Physics, there was a similar fluctuation in the pass rate.

In Biology, there was a pass rate of 73 per cent for Antigua & Barbuda with the region coming in at 80 per cent. Chemistry saw a 58 per cent pass rate compared to the region’s 56 per cent.

Antigua & Barbuda’s pass rate of 71 per cent eclipsed the region’s 64 per cent in Integrated Science while there was a 57 per cent pass rate for the country when compared to the region’s 63 per cent in Physics.

Locally, almost 700 students wrote Principles of Accounts and of that number, the twin island obtained a 65 per cent pass rate, compared to 66 per cent in the region for the same subject.