Lost with Gaudi While Gallivanting

Our first real day in Barcelona begins early with breakfast at 7:00am.  Horror of horrors that is an un-godly hour after a nine hour flight to London, a six hour lay over to Barcelona and most exceptional, delicious and very late dinner, including too much sangria and wine, the day and night before!

So to atone for our sins we make a plan…Bleary eyed but excited, we plan to take the bus, first find the bus, go into Barcelona proper, discover the infamous Sagrada Familia Cathedral by Gaudi and be inspired by a work of art, a feat of architecture and a testimony to the abilities of man.

Sounds good.  The cathedral is awe inspiring and beautiful.  It is so ugly it’s beautiful!  I have no other way to describe it.  Gargoyles, angels, babies, dogs, cats, flowers and apostles line the walls and sit in hidden corners.  There are pink, blue and green candyfloss tops decorating the tips of steeples.  Whimsical and unusual, this Cathedral takes your breath away.  We all reel in shock as we turn a corner and there it is in all its unusual splendour.  It takes about forty-five minutes to examine, look at and take in.  Then we decide to split up for a while then re group and head back to the hotel.

Therein lies the trouble of loosing sight of each other – after all there are so many shops and things to look at – we get totally lost.  One group split into two.  Where is the darn bus stop and will we make it to the hotel in time to pick up the taxis to the Port?

The Serenade of the Seas waits!  Cabins are ready and we are excited at what the remainder of the day and night brings.  Except we are lost!  There are suspicious looking characters and “Polizia” cars everywhere.  That is not a good sign.  Finally, reason prevails and we hail the taxis and arrive in the nick of time to board taxis and go to the port.

Cruising is about to start!

I can’t believe it when I see that vessel towering over us.  One of those things usually docks at the end of Redcliff Street.  How come I get to go on one!  All of us have silly grins on our faces.  Sleep is forgotten and excited chatter is loud.

The ship pulls out of port; the horns blare as each vessel pulls out.  People cheer and wave…the cruise is on!

Join me to see what happens next and share your thoughts?  Meanwhile, does anyone know when they will deliver the luggage!