LOL organisers give patrons a taste

Soca fans, on Sunday, were treated to a lively downtown performance by Groovy Soca Queen Claudette Peters and rising soca star Ricardo Drew – two of the acts to appear at the (LOL) Lots of Liquor Cooler Fete this Saturday at Miller’s By the Sea.

The two entertained soca fans, who gathered in front of The Source on Redcliffe Street Sunday for the warm-up event.

Peters sung a few favourites from her wide repertoire of hits, including a number of tracks from this year’s album, while Drew, who made an immediate impact last year, performed a few hits of his own.

He later joined Peters to perform Rub Up On It, a tune that both artistes recorded together and which seems destined for the realms of a hit long after the Carnival celebrations are over.

Also on hand were popular Radio DJs Ibis the Livest and TJ the DJ of Vybz FM.

The LOL fete is yet another idea that has come out of the camp of the organisers of the annual Red Eye Breakfast Fete, which will be held on Saturday, July 16 at Antigua Recreation Grounds.

Lined up for the LOL stage are the former soca monarch champions of Trinidad, JW and Blaze, with their sensational hit, Palance. The Burning Flames will be the featured act in addition to Tizzy and El-a-Kru, Jashan Hughes and Cheze Kake Factory.

Recently added to the already exciting line-up was Benjie of Triple K out of Dominica with his hugely popular hit, Sousse.

The cooler fete, as the name suggests, will see groups of persons walking with their chosen assortment of drinks into the fete all in coolers.