Lessons in PR follow fiascos

ST JOHN’S, Antigua-Several public relations fiascos in the government and private sectors have led to a warning from professional spokes woman Paula Lee.

She’s cautioning that too little and too much information is equally damaging.


Lee also cautions organizations that choosing the wrong spokesperson could be extremely damaging.

She says not even CEOs should be allowed to manage a company’s image if those CEOs lack traits required for the job.


The ruling United Progressive Party, LIAT, and the police force, among others, have all been heavily criticised for generally poor PR. The most recent and well known mess up was by the airline LIAT.

Angered by online criticism of its service, the company retaliated with videos challenging Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, who had highlighted the complaint letter.

LIAT quickly pulled the videos from its account after public backlash, but not before others reposted them on their personal sites, so the videos remain online.