League wants Sir Gerald off ABEC completely

Sir Gerald Watt may be peacefully going about his demoted role at the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC), but that is not stopping a fringe political organisation from calling for his resignation from the five-member body.

The Free and Fair Elections League wants to see the back of Sir Gerald, despite his successor’s recent confirmation that the former chairman is working harmoniously with his colleagues as an ordinary member of the commission.

The League’s president, Vincent Parker, says the mere fact that Sir Gerald is suing the government over his demotion, means he should not at the same time continue to serve as a member of ABEC.

“Based on the past (pronouncements) of Mr Watt and based on him taking the government to court we believe the people of this country have lost all confidence in Mr Watt as chairman of the Electoral Commission,” Parker told this newspaper, adding: “And we do believe that he should resign so that the commission can function as smoothly as possible.”

Parker said “the Free and Fair Elections League has no confidence in Mr Watt . . . and based on whatever the court says, if they return him to his substantive position, we at the Free and Fair Elections League will be making a statement along that line.”

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