Labour holds first public meeting under Browne

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The new leader of the Antigua Labour Party has been listing what he described as a raft of economic problems being experienced by the country.

Addressing his first public meeting since he become ALP political leader, Gaston Browne suggested that the economy was in a terrible state.

Browne has issued a personal pledge he says he is committed to seeing come to fruition.

ALP Political Leader Gaston Browne.

He was speaking last night (Thursday) at a public meeting of the ALP.

Browne was instrumental in negotiating a merger between the ALP and the now defunct Organization for National Development.

The former leader of the OND, Melford Nicholas, was also on the platform last night (Thursday.)

He pledged to return the St John’s City East constituency to the labour side of the political fight.

Those words are seen as a direct challenge to incumbent MP Harold Lovell.

Lovell has now won the City East seat for two consecutive elections.

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