Juvenile girls cope well in new home

St. John’s Antigua- The four teenaged girls taken from their parents last year and placed into a home, in January, are said to be coping well, parents of two reported yesterday.

OBSERVER media also made enquiries with several individuals following reports one of the girls was allegedly seen roaming the streets in St John’s.

Observer media has ascertained that the girl seen in the capital was not among those sent to the home, although she was placed in prison with them last year.

All four girls, whose ages range from 14 to 17, are said to be receptive to their new environment in a home set up by a community spirited family who filled a need government could not meet.

A fifth child, age 12, has joined them at the privately run facility.

According to parents of two of the teens, they are being home-schooled while they attend church and other social events.

The girls’ parents said they are likely to be re-integrated into the public school system in September.

They are also being taught to cook, farm and care for themselves.

The girls were removed from their parents’ homes late last year for varying reasons – some were repeat runaways.

They, along with two other girls, were held in prison for several weeks while awaiting the setting up a facility to accommodate them.

They were released from prison and some were sent to a home for girls for a short while before being moved to the non-government facility where they are now housed.

The Ministry of Social Transformation was on board with the arrangements and had said it would only be on a temporary basis.

Ministry officials had also said the longterm plan would be to set up a permanent facility to help troubled juveniles.