Hodges Bay Resort open date pushed back again

Artist's rendering (Courtesy Hodges Bay Club)
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A re-think of the entire master plan for the Resort at Hodges Bay, formerly Hodges Bay Club has forced developers to delay the opening date for, at least, another six months.

The resort was scheduled to be opened in December; however, the principals now say they are hoping to complete the project in the late summer of 2016 ahead of the 2016-2017 season.

Courtsey Hodge's Bay Club via KobiKarp.com
Courtsey Hodge’s Bay Club via KobiKarp.com

The developers have indicated that they are in the process of re-thinking the property and its master plan, as the current design does not fit into the overall plan to build a world- class resort.

Jeff Wellemeyer, of JSN Development Group, informed OBSERVER media, in an emailed response, the company has hired the world renowned architectural firm Kobi Karp to completely re-image the master plan.

Wellemeyer noted the architectural firm has already submitted new plans and a completely new design for the resort after several visits to the island.

He said despite the delay in the opening, work has started on the interior of the units.

“We have completed significant amounts of interior work, oceanfront decking, patios, doors, windows, skylights, electrical, plumbing and HVAC, with kitchens being installed and completed over the next few weeks,” the company’s principal said.

This is the second time in months the opening date for the resort has changed.

Courtsy Hodge's Bay Club via KobiKarp.com
Courtsey Hodge’s Bay Club via KobiKarp.com

In 2012, it was reported the project would have been completed by July 2015. That projected deadline was then changed to December 2015.

The Resort at Hodges Bay is among several hotel properties which were expected to be completed in short order, but have been delayed for varying reasons.

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